Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rock Star

This is my 12th layout for my 31 in 31 challenge. I seriously have about 8 layouts all planned out that just need to be pieced together and then I'll be ahead! I just need to get the time to sit and do them. It's been a crazy busy week this week. I had 6 kids today with my two. I had an extra because her babysitter who also works here in my neighborhood is sick. I'll have her tomorrow too, but one of the kids I usually watch will not be here. So yeah...busy week. Plus, Caitlynn has suddenly started waking up at around 4 am and turning every single light in the house on, including my bedroom light. I am absolutely exhausted from all of these early morning wake up calls. So if it's not one thing it's another, lol. My six year old won't sleep through the night! AHHH!

Ok, so the photography on this one isn't great, but it's almost 11 so obviously the daylight is gone and my best lighting is in my kitchen, but it's a bit harsh. So be forgiving with that please!
This is Caitlynn's Halloween layout for 2007. She dressed up as Diva Barbie. The paper is by Moxxie, and is actually "Prom" themed on the other side, but when I saw it, I just had to have it to scrap these pictures. (I got it at the Pink House!) The ribbon is from the Rockstar collection by DCWV and is also from the Pink House. The dangly star ribbon and the glittery stars are actually walmart finds. But they fit this layout so well! Now tomorrow I must get my swaps done for my Carolina Girls get together on Sunday. So hopefully I'll have those done enough to share! Goodnight everyone!