Saturday, January 26, 2008

Real Beauty

Ok, this is layout number 21 for my January challenge. Cruising right along, right? :-) I am actually really loving this page. I wandered pretty far off my original sketch with this one, but I'm okay with that. I originally was planning to use blue and green for the color scheme, but the black and red just sort of started to take over while I was playing. It was all kind of an accident. I had an embellishment for another page on my desk and it landed on my page when I was moving things around and I loved the red on the blue background. SO long story short, my plan was completely altered and this is the result.


KTluv said...

I love it! In fact, I was checking out your myspace page and looking at your new pics and that was the one that I zeroed in on before I even saw it here. Great job! Might have to try those colors myself!