Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So leave it to me...

to promise to post "tomorrow" and then actually not do it! Ugh. Sorry. It was for good reason, though. Will ran the shuttle mission, which means that I got to talk to him for a few hours last night and then again early this morning (I woke up at 3:30 just for him, he is so lucky I love him!). We are down to 37 days before he comes home. His homecoming date was bumped up 2 days, to May 3. I'm very anxious for him to get back home. We have so many wonderful things planned for this summer. It's going to be a really exciting time for us. Have I mentioned how I am one of the luckiest women in the world because of the fact that this man loves me? He is just incredible and I am blessed to have him in my life every day. This deployment has been pretty rough on me emotionally and he has been very patient and understanding about it all. I have an emotional meltdown about once a month and he does some emotional hand-holding while I sort through it. Such a sweetie. Plus, I happened to mention a few weeks ago in a casual email about how I wanted him to take a picture of the "crappy tent" in Kuwait that he stays in when he does the shuttle. It is because of this crappy tent that I get to talk to him because it has wireless internet and I want to scrap it because it has been monumental in maintaining my sanity through this deployment. Anyway, I asked him about bringing his camera on this shuttle trip and he said of course he brought it and I asked why he said it like that and he said that he had to take the picture of the tent for me. I was so excited that he remembered without me having to ask him again. I know that's a small thing, but in the land of me, that's a big deal because he was actually listening to what I had to say and I haven't had that luxury in the past.

Anyway, here is a page that I finished today. The picture isn't the best because I don't have good lighting after dark in my house. And I had to use the kodak easyshare camera instead of my Nikon D50 because the D50 is charging. So bear with my photography there. I'll try to replace the picture tomorrow when I have better lighting. I just couldn't do a post without a picture of a project! :-)

I got a whole boatload of new Stampin' Up goodies today. My new favorite person (our local UPS driver) delivered 4 boxes of stuff today for my sale-a-bration order. I have lots of new sets to cut out and mount so that'll keep me busy tonight and hopefully I'll be able to get some cards done with some of them tomorrow! Stay tuned! Hope everyone is having a good week.


ronee said...

i love our UPS dude too...he's it's always like christmas when bobby is around! deployment, I have to say I don't like them...but it is part of our lives! emotional melt downs are all part of the trip...but they do get easier! it is just a test..and missing him makes you love him so much more! be you girlie!