Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in town

We are back in town. We arrived yesterday at around 4 into Charleston, but then got stuck on I-26 about 10 miles from my exit and sat there in what seemed like a parking lot for an hour and a half. UGH. After 11 hours of driving, that was the very last thing I needed when we were finally so close to home.

So now it's laundry and putting things away and just getting back into the swing of things. And Hayley, bless her heart, seems to have caught a little viral bug of some sort and got sick all over her crib this morning when she woke up. And Cait's bus didn't show after we waited for it for 40 minutes. So it has just been VERY crazy since we got back. I did, however, get my SAB order put in before the deadline and I am SO very excited to get the product back in. There were 140+ items in the order. Not all mine, of course, but still it's going to be like Christmas in my house again! :-)

I will have something crafty and creative to share tomorrow. My sis and I did some stamping while I was at her house over the weekend. We stayed up til 12:30 am the night before I left because that was the only time we had left to do it! She has a new baby who requires a lot of attention--he likes to be snuggled-- so our time was limited to the late night hours! I made a couple cards and helped her finish a layout. Here are a couple photos from the weekend so I don't go leaving you all without some visual interest. There are a couple from the park we went to. I had to document it because Hayley usually HATES the park. She usually fights to stay in the car and cries when we pull into a parking lot of a park. This time she actually played and had some fun. Maybe her irrational fear of playgrounds has passed! YAY! Can you tell this kid gets her picture taken a lot?? She's my little model. Always striking a pose when the camera comes out. We're going to have lines of boys after her soon...dreading that.The usual park-a-phobe actually smiling and enjoying herself on the playground equipment!The newest member of my absolutely adorable nephew Logan. I wanted to bring him home with me. My sister said no :-(.

Hayley eating her special birthday cupcake and making a mess with frosting on her face to make her cousin Natalie laugh.

And last but not least, our fabulous super star chef from Sapporo in Indianapolis. We LOVE this place. It is our tradition to eat there whenever we are all in town together. This picture is of him doing the volcano out of an onion. If you ever go to Indy, you should try this place. The food is to die for, the service is impeccable, and you can't beat the atmosphere with them cooking right there in front of you.