Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday!

Today is Good Friday. The start to the Easter holiday. A lot of people have been off work today, I sadly am not one of them. And I may be pulling double duty tonight because one of the moms of a child I watch had to go to the emergency room today and her hubby is deployed. SO I may be keeping the baby overnight tonight. And I have family in town to visit with the kids, AND I haven't done my bunny shopping yet! AHHHH!

I did manage to squeeze in this project today as a gift for the girls' grandparents who are here to visit. They are my ex husband's parents and they are really the only ones from his side of the family that take an active interest in how the girls are doing. SO, here are my little gifts for them.
They are magnets. It's hard to tell that from the picture. I just thought these would be cuter to display on the fridge than just a wallet size picture would be :-) And I felt like scrapbooking, but didn't have time to do any layouts this week since we all had the flu and now all the craziness of the weekend going on. I hope you and yours have a safe and happy Easter weekend!