Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So I found some time...

Will is making our Christmas dinner, so I found a little time to get this done and take a few pictures to post it up! This is the layout for my second assignment from the Pink House. Using papers and embellishments from Cloud 9 Designs Be Loved line. I will probably take it up there tomorrow and get my next assignment. I am really enjoying the assignments so far.

I may make a card or something else to go along with this...hopefully I'll have some more time to play after the kiddos go to bed! :-)

I apologize for the bad photography...my camera has been acting a little wacko this week. I think I need to take it apart and clean it really well. But anyway, you get the idea and if you want to see it up close and personal, go to the Pink House and check it out!! :-) All of the paper and everything I used except for the journaling that I did on the computer, can be found there. Oh, and I hand cut the larger hearts myself, but there are other stickers and such from this line that could be used instead.