Thursday, December 13, 2007

Going out on a limb...

So, I've decided over the past couple of weeks to try out for a couple scrapbooking design teams. Definitely not for my stamping skills, lol. But I've had the goal the past couple of years to get some pages published and I thought that it's kind of hard to get published if you never submit, right?? SO, I have already applied to one site and am working on my application for a second one. I will share some of those layouts later--probably over the weekend. And I also have an altered clock that I've been working on tonight that I will post as well. :-) Lots of fun creative stuff going on around here and I'm sure after Will deploys there will be even more because I will have lots more free time on my hands after the kiddos go to bed.

Anyway, today I'm sharing this wreath. It was a kit from Making Memories that I received for winning the name tag contest at the swap I went to in October. And those gorgeous kids in the photos are my 2 girls and my **hopefully- sometime -in -the- near- future -soon -to- be step-children**. Clockwise they are Sidney, Shawn, Hayley, Spencer, and Caitlynn. Yep, 5. We have 5 kids between the two of us, and I really want to have one more. I know, totally crazy, right?? We'll see how things go. I had tons of fun doing this wreath, so I really recommend it if you were thinking about getting one. The instructions are super easy to follow and there are seriously a million ways to dress it up. Mine is pretty basic at this point because I was pressed for time, but I'm thinking that after this Christmas is over I'll go back and re-vamp it a bit and give it some real pizazz & Erika-type flair! :-)
I cannot believe that Christmas is coming up so fast. Crazy how quickly this year has flown by.


ronee said...

if it were up to me..we would have TONS of children. My husband hates that idea! I think a huge family is always the way to go!!
Love that you got the wreath kit..and good luck with your submissions..heh..we have a page layout contest every month over at The Pink House. You could always be on my designe team for our product to play with!!!
let me know what you think

Keri Lee Sereika said...

WOW I love it! I am so glad you did use it! SOOOO SWEET!