Thursday, December 20, 2007

Assignment # 1 Finished!!

I went to the Pink House today and delivered my first assignment. So exciting. I got to hang it up and I took some pictures (of course). :-) I also got my second assignment--using the Valentine's day papers, stickers, fabric tape, and rub-ons by Cloud 9 Design. So, I'll probably be up til 1 am again tonight! haha...

This is the Pink House from the outside. My car is completely in the way, but whatever, you get the idea. And then the other picture is my layout hanging on the wall inside! YAY!! :-)

By the way, I am completely aware how big of a dork I am to have taken a picture of it hanging in the store. BUT this was a huge goal of mine that I just had to document and I am so excited! So I'm a completely happy dork :-)! Have a great rest of your week everybody!!!


KTluv said...

That is so awesome girl! You are totally not a dork! Not only would I have taken pictures, I would have dragged everyone down to see it too! lol Congrats again. I had a lot of fun last night. We will have to get together while Will is gone. If the mountain can't come to