Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Note about Carolina Girls

Hi All,
I had a request to give more info about the Carolina girls that I'm always talking about. I joined Splitcoast stampers, and found this wonderful group of women who call themselves, the Carolina Girls. I attended their big shoebox swap event last October. We have two big swaps per year. One here in Charleston and one in Columbia, SC. The Columbia one is coming up April 26th. You can find all the info about it here. (If for whatever reason that link doesn't work...go to and then on the right hand side there is a link for "Get It Together". Click that and then just look for the Carolina Girls thread.) Anyway, back to my point. These women are amazing. I was so nervous about going to the first swap because I'd never done anything like it before and I didn't know anyone. But I went, and seriously you are friends with these people within seconds of meeting them. In addition to the twice a year big swaps, we have a smaller group of women (all from the Carolina Girls group) who meet up once a month to do a smaller swap and a project designed by the hostess. We take turns hosting. It's a great time. So much talent and creativity and the projects are always gorgeous. And you just can't beat the laughter and great conversation. If you need any more info about it, please feel free to ask away...I'd be happy to answer any questions!

Now..I will try to post again later with a project, but no promises because I am unfortunately coming down with something. I am achy and have the chills, and now a sore throat--ick! But I will try to muster up some energy and post again this evening! Have a great day!

OH, and thanks to all of you who commented for help with the vaseline issue. It sort of worked it's own way out with the regular washings. It is MUCH better today! And I appreciate all of the comments--keep 'em coming! I love to see that people are reading and to hear what you all have to say!


inara said...

sounds like tons o'fun!!!