Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jam-packed weekend

We had a crazy weekend around here. Caitlynn has become quite the social butterfly over the past couple of weeks. I finally broke down and bought her a new bike on Friday. So then on Saturday she just HAD to ride it over to her BFF Tori's house to show it off. We were just planning on stopping by for a quick hello, but ended up staying for 3 hours. AND then were invited back for Caitlynn to have a sleepover there and for all of us to join them for dinner. So we came back home, did some house work and then headed back over. I am really enjoying getting to know Tori's Mom, Julie. We have decided to become workout buddies! I'm so excited! So Cait had her 1st sleepover and had a blast. And then this afternoon a couple other little girls from the neighborhood came over and asked if Cait could play with them. So she spent about 4 hours today playing outside with them. She was a busy little bee and I was busy just keeping up with her so we are all kind of pooped out.

I did manage to get this card finished today...I started playing with a sketch for my Carolina girls February get together and I'm not completely happy with this, but it's a start and it was fun to play for a little while. So those of you in the group, this is NOT my finished card! :-) Just a rough start!