Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My new hair cut

Ok, so last Saturday I was able to go out and have a few hours of "me time". I got my eyebrows done and my hair cut. I am trying to adjust to the new 'do. It's taking some time. I got probably 6 inches cut off. I wanted it to be layered and the overall length to stay about the same, but what I got was this chin-length bob type style. Oh well...it'll grow! But in the mean time, it's taking some getting used to. Here's what it looks like...
Contrary to what the picture looks like, it doesn't come even close to touching my shoulders. But you get the general idea. I do love the way my eyebrows turned out. She did a great job with that, so I'll probably go back to the same woman to have that done...but not so sure if I'll have her cut my hair again! Any of the Charleston area ladies that have a good hair person let me know!!!


KTluv said...

Oh, I like it! I think it is really cute.