Thursday, November 8, 2007

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. It's been a bit crazy around here. I've been helping out another childcare provider in our neighborhood the last few days because she had some appointments. AND I had a new child start this week also. She's three, so I thought she'd be a little lower maintenance...not so much the case. She hasn't been around other kids before, so she doesn't like to share and such. It's been a treat, let me tell ya. I'm hoping she adjusts quickly. But with the other extra kids here, it's been a little stressful getting her settled. At least she's only here 3 days/week.
I haven't gotten any stamping done at all, but I have been doing a lot of wishlist making on stamping sites when I have spare time. I LOVE the new Cornish Heritage Farms stamps and I went through the Stampin Up Catalogs again and made a new list of those as well. I will have some extra money this week from the extra kids being here, so I may treat myself to a little something's been a stressful week, I deserve it right??
Hopefully I'll get some stamping/scrapping done tonight and I'll post some pictures later!


Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

Teri said...
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Rhonda Maynard said...

This is super cute!! :D