Friday, November 30, 2007

The Countdown to Christmas has begun...

I have had zero time to be creative since Thanksgiving. I am hoping to have time tonight to get crafty. I need to get caught up on some birthday cards and start my Christmas ones. I did manage to start my Christmas shopping finally.
Our trip home from Indiana was a nightmare. What should have been an 8-9 hour trip took 12 hours thanks to a lovely flat tire in Kentucky about 100 miles from Knoxville, TN (the halfway point between Indy and here). We changed the tire in about 20 minutes, but then had to drive the remaining distance home on the doughnut spare tire because the tires for my car are a rare size and have to be special ordered. UGH. So instead of getting home late Tuesday, we didn't arrive home until 6:30 Wednesday morning. Just in time for Cait to get on the bus and since she slept the whole way home, I went ahead and sent her to school. Will and I both had to work on Wednesday on very little sleep for me and none at all for him, so it's been a very long week. Hopefully we'll be all caught up on sleep by Monday! I'm sure it still won't keep me from staying up late to get some scrapping/card making done! :-) Check back tomorrow and hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to share!!