Sunday, November 4, 2007

I figured it out!!

I'm just a little excited. I figured out how to make my own watermark. I know this isn't any large important feat or anything, but I still figured it out! It's always a challenge for me because everyone shows tutorials using Adobe Photoshop software, which I want, but don't have. Instead, I have PhotoImpact Pro that I received as a gift. And because I have it, I can't seem to justify buying the Adobe software just because I'm too lazy to read the info on how to use what I have. Make sense? Haha, probably not. Anyway...I played with the software this morning and figured out how to do it. I've attached it to this page that I did last night. How does it look?? Does someone have any hints on how to better photograph my pages and cards?? My pictures always look poor quality. Maybe I should start using my Nikon D50 more often...I tend to rely on my Kodak Easyshare because it's lighter to carry around. Another thing I need to really learn how to use! I LOVE my's just a little intimidating sometimes...maybe I need to befriend someone with the same camera so they can teach me how to use it properly. I got frustrated with it trying to take pictures when the lighting isn't ideal...they turned out so badly I just gave up with it. Bad, I know. I suppose I could do that today...go get it from it's high place of honor and actually figure that out too...a day of learning how to use my equipment! :-)