Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Post...Playing catch up...

As usual, I'm behind with things I need to be doing with how crazy life is this summer. I finally had a chance this morning to get all of my welcome cards done for the SCS RAK group. Thankfully I was only behind by two people, because I was assigned two more yesterday. I'm feeling accomplished to have gotten all of them done and to have four different cards to share. Usually when I get behind, I just mass produce one design. Today I decided to take my time and play a little more since I haven't had many opportunities recently.

In other sister finally made it back home to Indiana late last night. It was so great to visit with her and spend time with my niece and nephew. I've missed them all so much since I moved out here. I love love LOVE being here in SC, but being away from family is hard sometimes, so I am grateful that they were able to come spend a week with me here.

And my wonderful sister took a complete family photo for us! Here is the result of that!