Monday, June 30, 2008

Family visits

There are ten people in my house right now. Yes...ten. My sister and her two kids were here all week and were set to fly out last night and their flights were cancelled. SO, she is staying on with us til Tuesday. I'm happy for the extended visit, though I'm sure she's cursing the Atlanta airport since she's stuck in my house with 7 children! :-)

We've had a busy few days. We spent ALL DAY Friday at the IOP beach. We packed a picnic lunch, ate there, and then spent hours on the beach. Saturday we hit the Tanger Outlets for some bargain shopping (got a BOATLOAD of school clothes for Cait and only spent $21--LOVE that!), went to Cupcake in Mt. Pleasant (so yummy), and then went to Wannamaker Park to let the kids play in "The Sprinkler". They loved it. Even Hayley. I about cried when she ran right in there to play with the other kids. She's usually terrified of all things unfamiliar, so it was a big deal. She actually had a big day. We've been working slowly on potty training and she told me twice that she had to go yesterday and went both times! I'm so proud of her!! Anyway, so after the park, Will got home with his three kids who are back to join us for their second visit of the summer. We ordered pizza and then the kiddos went to bed. Then Sunday, we got up and went right to the beach (Folly this time) for some seashell hunting and a morning swim. We even saw a dolphin! Very exciting.

So that's been the last part of this week in a nutshell. Here are some favorite photos.

And a few more...