Sunday, June 1, 2008

They're here!!

Will's kids have arrived safe and sound. We had an interesting night last night to get everyone adjusted, but we are having so much fun. The kids are really enjoying each other and playing SO nicely together. I definitely love having a large family like this. Meal time is the best, seeing them all sitting together with us, interacting and laughing with each other. Love it. I am making it a goal to take TONS of photos while they are here. I started on that today. We played outdoors a lot this morning. Will was tossing a ball and the kids were trying to hit them with their new bats. And then after lunch we ran through the sprinkler and had some popsicles. Here are some photos of our day so far...

And here is a page I finished yesterday when my friend Maddie came over to scrap with me for a little while. Things are pretty busy, so this is a quick post, but I'll have more to share later!! :-) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!