Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally a page

Wow...I have to just catch my breath from this past month. It's been craziness. My poor sister has been here cooped up in my house with me because I am SO worn out from having Will's kids here, and then the traveling, and just no rest for the weary to be found around here. Luckily my sister and I were able to get some scrappin time in the other night and I completed this page, otherwise I wouldn't have anything crafty to share yet again! How disappointing that would be! We are planning on doing some more scrappin another night this week, so hopefully that will be a productive crop as well! I need to get some cards done and I am determined to do that this week! :-)

Anyway, here is the page...the photos are from a trip to Libby Lu while we were in Indiana. The girls had a blast and looked so so cute! Sorry for the bad photo of the page...again, my laziness and lack of attention span to get a great shot! :) I'm just happy to be able to share something!