Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carolina Girls Swap

Yesterday I attended the Carolina Girls Shoebox Swap. I met some wonderful people and learned a lot. It was kind of a reach for me to attend. I had never done anything like it, I only just recently started stamping, and I'm a bit on the shy side and didn't know anyone there. BUT I went, and I am so glad that I did. I tagged along with Keri in her car so I wouldn't get lost (thanks, Keri!) and had such a great time. Everyone was so kind and the cards were so fun to make! Plus, the food was incredible! I can't wait until the next outing. I'm looking forward to really getting to know everyone. I have liked living in Charleston up to now, but this makes it even better!

And to top it all off, my name tag won the contest and the other prizes I came home with were fantastic too! I can't believe all the goodies I got. It definitely put me in the mood to do more stamping. But I've decided that I definitely need to expand my supply repertoire...must get some sponges and blender pens and more ink pads! Stampin' Up! catalog, here I I definitely need to reconsider this whole becoming a demonstrator thing, it's sounding much more appealing every day! :-)


Gail said...


I am glad you had a great time with a bunch of crazy gals. We do have a great time when we get together.I hope you will come to our monthly swap to.

ronee said...

I am glad you came. Sorry I didn't get to hang out with you more..but trying to get everything done and out on there on time to get the kids to the fair was making me insane! You have to come to our monthly swap...I am hosting and would take it personally if you didn't show up! Just is Nov. 18th, The Pink House!!! Of if I do anything that isn't involved with The Pink House. How crazy! Anyway..this month's theme is something brown. I will be shooting the email out! send me your info!! come see know where I will be!