Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can this week go any slower???

I am so ready to get moving for the weekend. I have so many things to do, but this week is just dragging by. Maybe it's because I have so much to look forward to over the next few weeks. We are going to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate my great Uncle's 80th birthday with a surprise party and I'll get to see my grandparents who I haven't seen in more than a year. I also get to socialize with my parents and my sister and my nieces and nephews, who I have missed more than words can say since I moved halfway across the country. Then on Monday, I am having dinner with my nearest and dearest friend Alaina. Tuesday I meet with my attorney and Wednesday is the big day. Time to celebrate--it's the close of the most horrible chapter in my life and the official start to the new one! YAY! I think I want to somehow scrapbook it...because really we need to scrap the hard times too, right? And I think it'll be a nice release for me; good closure. Sounds like a plan anyway. So I'm cheating because I didn't actually get any scrapping done today. This is a layout I did earlier in the week of Caitlynn. She's my little actress/drama queen. 6 years old going on 16. And she got her first love letter today from a boy. First grade and she's already getting love letters. We're in BIG trouble. :-) And I'm going to scrap the letter too :-) embarrassment for later in life! I know, I'm bad...


KTluv said...

Just wanted to say, "Have a safe trip and good luck on Wednesday." I know it will be a relief when you can finally, officially put it behind you. Can't wait to actually meet you next weekend!