Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stationary Set

I saw something similar to this online and thought I could come up with a way to make this box on my own. It took me lots of trial and error as this is the first box I've made without instructions, but I figured it out and got it to look the way I wanted it! Then of course I just HAD to make some cards to match! :-)
I received the American Crafts paper for Christmas from my Mom. I just love the contrast of the bold colors against the white paper. I'm happy with how these turned out.

My other big surprise for Christmas was that Will got me a sewing machine! I've been talking about it for months that I wanted to take lessons and learn to sew. Well he got me a machine that came with a DVD showing how to use it. I haven't used the DVD and I still managed to make some little purses for the girls. I was so excited! So I'll have some sewing stuff hopefully to share soon too once I get the hang of it.