Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lots of fun stuff to share...

Hi Everyone! I have been creating a lot this week to keep me busy. My hubby is on a ten day trip to Germany and Iraq so this keeps my mind focused on other things! I am having a workshop at my house on Saturday and I plan to show these items at the workshop just as little creativity boosters for how to use the stamps other than just on cards.

I actually saw a scrapbook page like this on the SU demo website, and thought I would try it. I don't usually scrap 6x6 so I enjoyed the little change in pace.
I made this little clipboard using some old chipboard that I layered and glued together for sturdiness, covered that with some of the Bella Rose dp, and then stamped some lined paper. This is actually going to be part of a teacher gift. Something simple, but I think it turned out cute.

And last but not least, a paper bag album. I have been wanting to try this for a while now, and finally just decided to take the plunge and do it. Much easier than I thought! :-) So a little mini-book to celebrate the wedding.

I will even have a few more things to share tomorrow! ;-) So stay tuned. This is just the beginning of what I've gotten done this week. Maybe it'll make up a little bit for my MIA status on the blog. I plan to get back to posting daily, but like most people I'm searching for that mysterious and ever elusive balance in my life. Time for me, time for my kids, time for the things I am passionate about.
I usually do some blog-hopping during Hayley's naptime and I've noticed that a lot of people are talking about things that inspire or enrich their lives and how to readjust so that those things are given more importance. I have given a lot of thought about what I am passionate about and how to re-center my life around those things. At first I thought, oh well my passion- it's my kids. My kids are my reason for living. But really, that's just kind of a flippant sort

of off the cuff type answer, not too deep. Anyone with children probably would say that same thing and honestly, my children aren't the only defining part of my life. So I thought a little harder and came up with a list of things that I am passionate about

1. my kids--they are pieces of me, beautiful rays of sunshine on my days. I do so much of what I do to benefit them in some way shape or form.

2. my husband--he inspires me to be better; to laugh, to cry, to accept me for me. I love him for that and I am passionate about working on our marriage, building on our future.

3. photography. always learning. always trying new things.

4. travel. I want to go everywhere, see everything.

5. faith. I admit I don't go to church every Sunday, that I don't read the bible as much as I should. But I pray constantly. I believe. I have faith and I leave my life in the Lord's hands. This journey that I take every day--the struggles, the successes. I have been blessed. I want to feed my soul with spirituality and faith.

6. knowledge. Just in general. I read. I explore. I research new things. I try new activities. My interests are so far spread and there are so many. I live to learn.

And that's just a sample of my list...the tip of the iceberg if you will. But that simple exercise, thinking about who I am and where I'm going, what I love. It was a cleansing thing for me. And I'm thankful for other bloggers out there that really made me sit and question myself and I am taking it all in and making plans to help get things back on track.

For those of you still reading, thanks for taking the time to read my rambles! :-) Hope you are all having a good week. More to share tomorrow!