Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have decided that I am going to blog even when I don't have anything crafty to share. I thought about starting a new one just to post the daily happenings of my family, but I think it's all part of the same larger picture. My family and the memories and the day to day details of our life is the reason that I create in the first place. So, you will more than likely be hearing much more from me in the days ahead.

Caitlynn had a half day from school today so we went to Wannamaker Park with some friends for some afternoon fun in the sun. It was the perfect fall day--cool, crisp, sunny. The kids had a blast playing at the park and making some new friends.

It was report card day for Caitlynn. She had a GREAT report card this time. She earned all A's and 1 B in Social Studies. The only negatives on her report were that she is very "distractable" so sometimes she doesn't seem to be paying attention. My little social butterfly. So to reward her for her excellent report card, I'm planning on taking her to see High School Musical 3. She has definitely earned a little bit of a treat--I am so proud of her.