Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little blog makeover

So I was getting a little restless with my blog header, so I changed it up a little. My studio is in boxes at the moment getting ready to be moved over to the new house, so I am not able to do any creating until things get all set up over there. But you see where my priorities are because my studio is the first room boxed up and ready for the move :-). Naturally that's because it will be the first room to be unpacked and functional...or well, first after my kids are all situated. Really, the whole house needs to be set up, functional AND pretty because our wedding is in just 16 days and the house is our back up location in case of rain and with this tropical storm/hurricane headed in our general direction, I'm starting to wonder if the beaches are going to be in "wedding" condition. Just my luck, right? Oh well, it'll work out okay.